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How do you choose the best location for a spa?


Although all Aquavia Spa models can be installed both indoors and outdoors, as a general rule, owners choose an outdoor location for their spa: a garden or terrace. The size of the chosen spa is determined by the space available and the number of people who will use it simultaneously.

Choosing an external space may sound easy in principle. In a large garden, a spa could be placed anywhere. However, other factors have to be taken into account: privacy, ease of access for spa users, distance from electrical outlets?

A tip: draw the space on the ground.

Before choosing the spa model that is appropriate for your needs and chosen location, the best option is to gain an idea of how it will look in the chosen area. This can be achieved using rope or a garden hose and drawing the base and dimensions of the spa on the ground. Once within the space that the spa would occupy hypothetically, it is possible to observe whether users would be visible from outside the garden, from neighbours’ houses, from neighbouring buildings, even from the house itself, in order to determine the level of privacy.

It is also important to observe whether users can get in and out easily, without detours, and whether electrical connections and plumbing are nearby. If the result is not to your liking, you can draw the outline of the spa elsewhere in your garden or terrace.

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